11 NovHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
28 OctHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
8-10 SepAnnual Fall Workshop: Featuring: George Glasser & Anita JungFlyerPreapproved Advanced
26 AugMexico International Webinar  
26 AugHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
4 AugMasters Series, Featuring- Murriel Schulte  
8 JulyHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
24 JuneHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring-  Elena Frolov & Alejandra Diaz Preapproved Beginner
17 JuneHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Intermediate
11 MayMasters Series, Featuring- Carl Ward  
6 MayHypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
Apr 8Hypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Elena Frolov. Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
Mar 31Masters Series, Featuring- Tom Payton & Tracy Watson  
Mar 11Hypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Carolyn Maurer. Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
Feb 18Hypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Carolyn Maurer. Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
Jan 21Hypnosis Practice Session, Featuring Roxanna Erickson-Klein & Carolyn Maurer. Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate
Dec 10Hypnosis Practice Session, Featuring- Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Advanced
Dec 10French, Dallas, Reunion International Webinar Preapproved
Nov 12Intermediate Practice Session, Featuring- Carolyn Maurer Preapproved Intermediate
Nov 12Beginner's Basic Platform Course, Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
Oct 26Masters Series, Featuring- Jerry Weiss Preapproved Advanced
Sep 24Frech International Webinar- France, Dallas, Phoenix, Reunion Island  
Sep 16-18Annual Fall Workshop: Hypnosis & Metaphors, Joyce MillsFlyer 
Aug 21Sunday Afternoon Meeting, by Tonya Moore  
July 15Intermediate Certificate Group, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Intermediate
July 9Beginner's Practice Session, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
June 18International Live Webinar- France, Phoenix, La Reunion, Dallas  
June 18Beginner's Practice Session, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
May 28Beginner's Practice Session, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
May 17Evening Demonstration, Live demonstration by Rick Owen on Rapid Resolution Hypnosis Preapproved?
May 14Beginner's Practice Session, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
Apr 30Beginner's Practice Session, by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
Apr 15Study Group, Case Report by Nahid Hooshyer. Preapproved Advanced
Apr 2International Live Webinar/Demonstration, France and Reunion Island  
Mar 19Beginner's Practice Session, Facilitated by Roxanna Erickson-Klein & David Hargis Preapproved Beginner
Mar 18Study Group, Featuring Alejandra Diaz & Roxanna Erickson-Klein, Traditional vs Ericksonian Hypnotic Induction for Sleep Preapproved Adanced
Mar 15Evening Demonstration, Live demonstration of Hypnosis and Reiki by Mylie Greenbach HandoutPreapproved Advanced
Feb 27Beginner's Requirements Class, Conducted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein Preapproved Beginner
Feb 26Study Group, Featuring Steve Bell on the topic of Mind and Body. Preapproved Advanced
Feb 6First International Live Webinar, France and Reunion Island  
Jan 22Study Group & Live Demonstration, Featuring Jim Malatich on the topic of Addictions.  
Jan 19Evening Demonstration, Live demonstrations by Roxanna Erickson-Klein, Kay Colbert, Teresa Chang and Sophia Stavron  
Jan 1New Presidents "Update" letter sent to members and mailing list  
ElectionOfficer and Bylaw Elections held during Fall Workshop with quorum. Election Results  
Nov 20Study Group, Video Review by Elena Frolov of Demonstration during Fall Workshop  
Nov 10Officers Planning Meeting for 2016  
Oct 23Study Group, Case reports.  Discussant: Nahid Hooshyer PhD  
Sep 25-27Fall WorkshopFeaturing: Dan Short, Betty Alice Erickson and member demonstration.  
Aug 223 Hour Workshop, Topic: Flow and Hypnosis. Featuring: Dan Short PhD  
July 24Study Group, Video Stephen Gilligan PhD 2014.  Discussant: Murriel Schulte PhDHandout 
June 26Study Group, Topic: NLP Time-Line, Discussant: Lane Pierce, Part 2 of 2  
June 17Evening Demonstration, Live demonstration by David Hargis PhD. Videotape in archives.  
May 22Study Group, Topic: NLP Time-Line, Discussant: Lane Pierce, Part 1 of 2  
Apr 24Study Group, Topic: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Video- Bill O'Hanlon 2014, Discussant: Jim Malatich LCDC  
Apr 1Call for Membership  
Mar 27Study Group, Topic: Informed consent by Steve Bell LPC. Video: Wizard of the Desert, a movie about Milton H. Erickson.  
Mar 25Evening Demonstration, Live demonstration by Tom Payton EdD with a couple.  
Feb 27Evening Meeting, Topic: Review of video tape demonstration by Hypnotist and the Subject, suggestions of treatement of sleep apnea. Katharine Ottone MA LPC with Lane Pierce.  
Jan 27Evening Meeting, Topic: Hypnosis and Generative Mindset Demonstration. Elena Frolov MA.  
Jan 27Officers Meeting  
Jan 16Study Group, Topic: Self Relations, Stephen Gilligan PhD 1998 Video, Discussant: Murriel Schulte PhD, Exercise: Dischotomous Questions with Methaphorical Replies.  
Jan 2,3, 10A series of training for Beginning Hypnosis,  (Held over 3 days), Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD & Elena Frolov MA  
Nov 21Study Group, Topic: Generative Trance Stephen Gilligan PhD 2013 Video, Discussant: Murriel Schulte PhD  
Oct 17Study Group, Topic: Accessing inner resources, Discussant: Kurt Boyland LMFT   
Sep 26-28Fall Workshop, Featuring: Dabny Ewin MD, Kay Colbert LCSW and Lane Pierce.2014 Fall WorkshopASCH- Declined credit for Lane Pierce presentation.
Aug 15Study Group, Topic: Trees in Forest: an Ecology of Metaphor. Discussant: Eric Rothe, M.Div  
Jul 23Evening Meeting, Topic: What Distinguishes Hypnosis from other Therapuetic Modalities. Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD.  
JunA series of training for Beginning Hypnosis,  (30 Hours), Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD & David Hargis PhD  
May 16Study Group, By Alejandra Diaz.  
Apr 25Study Group, Topic: Hypnotic Demonstration from the Subject Perspective. By: Tracy Payton Watson.  
Mar 26Advisory Board Planning Meeting for Fall Workshop.
Evening Meeting, Treatment of Children using Hypnosis, Featuring: 3 cases of Milton H. Erickson, Discussant: Tracy Payton Watson.
Mar 21Study Group, Conversational Hypnosis. Video: Kay Thompson DDS, 
Discussant: Muriel Schulte PhD
Feb 19Evening Meeting, Topic: The Interface of Professional Hypnosis with Family Life.
Betty Alice Erickson MS, Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD,
Candice (Crasilneck) Hyman MA, and Tracy Payton Watson.
Feb 14Study Group, Video: A Case of Myra, by: Michael Yapko PhD,
Discussant: Martha Rose, Exercise: Direct vs Indirect Communication
Jan 17Study Group, Rapid Hypnotic Induction. Video: Gabor Filo DDS, 
Discussant: Rick Owens PhD, Exercise: Rapid Induction
NovA series of training for Beginning Hypnosis,  (Held over 3 saturdays), Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD & David Hargis PhD  
Sep 27-29Fall Workshop, Featuring: Dr. Cory Hammond2013 Fall Workshop 
Aug 23Study Group, Video: Stephen Gilligan PhD, Discussant: Murriel Schulte PhDHandout 
Jul 13Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis in Therapy,  Jeffrey Zeig PhD  
Jul 13Officers Planning  Meeting  
Jun/JulA series of training for Beginning Hypnosis,  (Held over 6 fridays), Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD & David Hargis PhD  
May 24Study Group, Video: David Cheek MD, Discussant: David Hargis PhD  
MayNLP & Hypnosis, Lane Pierce2013 May Meeting 
AprStudy Group, Video: Stephen Gilligan, Discussant: Peter Nichols  
Mar 21Study GroupVideo: O'Hanlon, Discussant: Elena Frolov  
Feb 16Study Group, Video: Stephen Lankton, Discussant: Kurt Boyland  
Jan 18Study Group, Video: Michael Yapko, Discussant: Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD  
Dec 27Demonstration, Dan Short PhD  
Nov 9Study Group, Video: Jeffrey Zeig, Discussant: Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD  
Oct 26Study Group, Video: Eugene Gendlin, Discussant: Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD  
Sep 21-23Fall Workshop, Featuring: Alex & Annellen Simpkins PhDs2012 Fall Workshop 
Jul 25Two Demonstrations of Hypnosis, Elena Frolov and Peter Nichols  
Jul 22Beginning Series- 6 Parts/20 hours, Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD & David Hargis PhD  
Sep 24-26Fall Workshop, Featuring: Stephen Lankton PhD2011 Sep Workshop 
Feb 26-27The Art of Craft of Hypnosis Intermediate Workshop, Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD, Murriel Schulte PhD & Peter Nichols.  
Sep 24-26Fall Workshop, Featuring: Ernest & Kathryn Rossi PhDs  
June 30Applications of Medical Hypnosis for the Non-Physician, Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD  
Feb 24Trance and Ritual in Bali, Francine Daner PhD2010 Feb Invitation 
Sep 11-13Fall Workshop, Featuring: Dabney Ewin MD2009 Sep Workshop 
Jul 8Real Time Problem, 60 Second Induction, Tom Payton PhD2009 Jul Invitation 
May 20Three Hypnotherapies Live, Betty Alice Erickson LPC, Ed Goodman PhD and David Hargis PhD2009 May Invitation 
Apr 153 Hypnotherapies Live2009 April Invitation 
Jan 14Team Building2009 Jan Newsletter 
May 21Future Orientation of Constructive Memory, Roxanna Erickson Klein PhD2008 May Newsletter 
Feb 27Rapid Induction with Non-English Speakers, Tom Payton  PhD & Jaye Crowder MD2008 Jan Newsletter 
Dec 14Holiday Get-Together2007 Nov Newsletter 
Sep 29Hypnotic Tools for Healing and Personal Growth, Max Shapiro PhD2007 Sep Workshop 
May 18-20Hypnosis in Psychosomatic Medicine, Dabney Ewin MD2007 May Workshop 
Apr 4Multi-Dimentional Problem Solving in HypnosisVideo of: Michael Yapko PhD2007 Apr Newsletter 
Feb 28Redecision Therapy, John Gladfelter PhD2007 Feb Newsletter 
Oct 17Use of Hypnosis in Surgery, David Hanks PhD  
Aug 7Taking the Long View Through the Johari Window, Deborah Beckman MS2006 Sep Newsletter 
Jun 27Healing as Part of Hypnosis, Betty Alice Erickson MS, LPC2006 Jul Newsletter 
May 10Video: Milton Erickson Symbolac Hypnotherapy 2006 May Newsletter 
Feb 10-12Annual Workshop, Featuring: Harold Crasilneck PhD and Tom Wall PhD2006 Feb Workshop
2006 Apr Newsletter
Nov 17Hypnoanesthesia for Surgery, Roxanna Erickson Klein PhD2005 Nov Newsletter 
Sep 22Hypnotherapy and Trauma, Carl Ward PhD2005 Aug Newsletter 
JunAnnual Workshop, Featuring: Cory Hammond PhD  
May 14-16Hypno Imagery and Health, Frank Lawlis PhD2004 May Workshop 
Jan 27Video: The Artistry of Milton Erickson2004 Jan Newsletter 
Oct 23Video: Weightt Loss with Hypnosis by Jeffrey Zeig PhD2003 Oct Newsletter 
May 17Application of Ethical Considerations of non Traditional Ego States in Group Therapy for Couples, Tom Payton EdD  
May 16-17Spring Workshop, featuring Rick Garver EdD2003 May Workshop 
Nov 14Building a Better Lullaby, Deborah Beckman LPC2002 Sep Newsletter 
May 3-5Metaphors Suggestions and Binds in Therapy, Stephen Lankton PhD2002 Apr Newsletter 
Nov 17Mental Health Response to Disasters,  Patrick Tiner LMS2001 Nov Newsletter 
AprPrivacy and Confidentiality, Nicole Cooper MD2001 May Newsletter
2001 Apr Newsletter
Mar 2-4Future Focused Therapy & Hypnosis, Moshe Torem MD2001 Mar Workshop
2001 Feb Newsletter
Jun 25Using Self Hypnosis, Francine Daner PhD1999 Jun Workshop 
May 14Therapeutic Utilization of Ideomotor Signaling, Steff Samuson MSSW1997 May Invitation 
Apr 25Spring Workshop, Jean Olson MSN1997 Apr Invitation 
Mar 12Ericksonian Hypnosis, Betty Alice Erickson MS1997 Mar Invitation 
Feb 12Hypnosis & Chronic Pain, Andrew Block PhD1997 Feb Invitation 
Jan 8Self Hypnosis & Meditation, Om Prakash PhD1997 Jan Invitation 
Nov 20Hypnosis with Pre-op Coronary Pts, Albert Goggins MD1996 Nov Invitation 
Oct 26Fall Workshop1996 Oct Invitation 
Sep 10Lucid Living, Donald Weaver PhD1996 Sep Invitation
1996 Aug Newsletter
May 8Alternative to End of Life Suffering, Dan Handel MD1996 May Invitation 
Apr 19Practical Applications of Clinical Hypnosis, Harold Crasilneck MD1996 Apr Invitation 
Mar 6Trances & Family Therapy, Rick Pipkin and Betty Alice Erickson MS1996 Mar Invitation 
Feb 7Treating Trauma, Milo Beningfield PhD1996 Feb Invitation 
Jan 10Everything You Wanted to Know About Hypnosis but Were Afraid to Ask, By: Jerome Weiss PhD & Roxanna Erickson MS

1996 Jan Invitation 
1996 Jan Newsletter

1995 1995 Program Preview 
Nov 17-19Annual Workshop: Stress & Healing, Mind, Body Spirit, Ernest Rossi PhD1995 Nov Newsletter 
Oct 11Dancing with Cancer, Healing Through visualization, Robert Elliott PhD & Robert Burns MD1995 Oct Invitation 
Sep 13Dissociative Disorders, Raymond Finn PhD1995 Sep Newsletter 
May 10Use of Clinical Hypnosis for Children, Suzanne Marcus PhD1995 May Invitation 
Apr 12Clinical Brain Wave Training, Alcohol Addistion and PTSD, Eugene Peniston EdD1995 Apr Invitation 
Mar 31Brief Therapy Approaches, Gary Elkins PhD1995 Mar Workshop 
Mar 10Brief Psychotherapy with Clinical Hypnosis, Michael Yapko PhD  
Feb 8 Hypnosis in Treatment of Sexual Compulsivity and Deviation, Richard Kruson PhD  
Jan 11Clinical Hypnosis and the Media, Dan Handel MD1995 Jan Newsletter 
Nov 9Holiday Get-Together  
Oct 7-9Intro/Advanced Workshop, Featuring: Charles Mutter MD, Gary Elkins PhD1994 Oct Workshop 
Sep 7Mind Body Healing Current Research, Laura Lawrence MD1994 Sep Newsletter 
May 25The Use of Hypnosis in Clinical Practice, Harold Crasilneck PhD1994 May Workshop 
Apr 30Day long:  Hypnotic Strategies with Terminallty Ill, Dan Handel MD & Don Weaver PhD  
Apr 16-17Spring Workshop, Featuring: Charles Mutter MD  
Mar 16Legislative Update, Phil Becker MD1994 Apr Workshop 
Feb 19Daylong Workshop, Featuring: Michelle Ritterman PhD1994 Feb Certificate 
Jan 19Light Assisted Psychotherapy, Stephen Vazquez PhD1994 Jan Newsletter 
Nov 17     Hypnosis in Managed Care, Richard Citrin PhD  
Oct 29-31Annual Workshop, Featuring: Corydon Hammond PhD1993 Oct Workshop 
Sep 15Clinical Applications of Hypnosis, Dabney Ewin MD1993 Sep Newsletter 
May 19Guided Imagery As Adjunct Therapy for Cancer Pain, Don Weaver PhD  
Apr 21Clinical Applications of Hypnosis with Children, Milo Beninfield PhD  
Mar 17Construction and Use of Therapeutic Metaphors, Gary Elkins PhD  
Feb 20Daylong Workshop, Featuring: Michael Diamond PhD  
Jan 27Hypnosis In Multiple Personality Disorder, Colin Ross PhD1993 Jan Newsletter 
1992 1992 Workshop Forecast 
Nov 18 Hypnotic Experiences, Richard Garver EdD  
Oct 22-25Annual Workshop, Featuring: Judith Peterson PhD & Judson Reaney MD1992 Oct Workshop 
Sep 9Use of Hypnosis in Treatment of Phobia, Francine Daner PhD1992 Fall Newsletter 
May 16Guided Imagery as an Adjunct to Hypnotherapy, Don Weaver PhD  
Apr 22Metaphors in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Betty Alice Erickson LPC1992 Apr Newsletter 
Mar 21One Day Workshop, Tom Wall PhD, Valerie Wall PhD1992 Mar Newsletter 
Feb 12Ideomotor Signaling, Pete Hamilton PhD1992 Feb Newsletter 
Jan 15Lucid Dreaming, Andrew Brylowski MD1992 Jan Newsletter 
Nov 16Half day workshop, Topic: Benefits of Hypnosis in Treatment of Physical Pain and Psychological Trauma, Milo Benningfield PhD1991 Nov Newseltter 
Oct 17-20Co-sponsored ASCH Workshops in Dallas1991 Oct Newsletter 
Oct 16Hypnosis & Psychophsyiology of Pain, Louis Dubin DDS, PhD  
Sept 18Neural Basis for Imagery and Altered States, Phil Becker MD1991 Sep Newsletter 
May 22Bylaw update, Changed Name From Dallas Society Clinical Hypnosis1991 June Newsletter 
Apr 4-7Spring Workshop, Featuring: John Watkins PhD1991 Apr Workshop
1991 Apr Newsletter
Feb 20Secret Therapy, Sucessful Treatment of Unknown Problems, Myles Johnson MS1991 Feb Newsletter 
Jan 30Hypnosis in couples and Marital Therapy, Cory Hammond PhD1991 Jan Newsletter 
Nov 28Recent Developments for Hypnosis with Chronic Pain, Dan Handel MD1990 Nov Newsletter
1990 Sep Newsletter
Apr 20-22Spring Workshop, Featuring: Robert PEarson MD1990 Apr Workshop 
Mar 21Hypno Behavioral Approach to Smoking Cessation, Vali O. Okhovat PhD1990 Mar Newsletter 
Feb 21Therapeutic Self, Om Prakash PhD1990 Feb Newsletter 
Jan 17Hypnotic Phenomena, Phil Becker MD1990 Jan Newsletter 
Nov 29The Return of Dr. Fritz, Milo Benningfield PhD1989 Nov Newsletter 
Oct 18Using Hypnosis to Alleviate Dental Fears, Jack Nelson DDS  
Oct 6-7Integrating Depth of Jungian Psychology With Ericksonian Approaches to Healing, Co-sponsored by: Jungian Society of Dallas, Presented by: Ernest Rossi PhD  
Sep 20A Few Ericksonian Techniques, Betty Alice Erickson & Roxanna Erickson Klein MSN1989 Sep Newsletter
1989 Jul Newsletter
Apr 14-16Spring Workshop, Featuring: Gary Elkins PhD1989 Apr Workshop 
Mar 22Hypnosis With Resistant Self Referred Pts, Doug Bellamy EdD1989 Mar Newsletter 
Feb 15Hypnosis & the Mysteries of Sleep, Phil Becker MD1989 Feb Newsletter 
Jan 18Use of Hypnosis in Control of Pain, Harold Crasilneck PhD  
Nov 16Structure of Hypnosis & Structure of Dreams, James Hall MD  
Oct 19Forensic Hypnosis, Rick Garver EdD1988 Oct Newsletter 
Sep 21Where in the World is the Mind?, Larry Dossey MD1988 Sep Newsletter 
Apr 15-17Basic Workshop, Featuring: Gary Elkins PhD1988 Apr Workshop 
Mar 23Ericksonian Approaches for Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, Matt Stricherz EdD1988 Mar Newsletter 
Feb 24Applications of Clinical Hypnosis to Enhance Learning/Performance, Rick Garger EdD1988 Feb Newsletter 
Jan 20Clinical Hypnosis with Psychosomatic Problems, Gary Elkins PhD1988 Jan Newsletter 
Dec 16Hypnotic Techniques for Ego Strengthening, Corydon Hammond PhD  
Nov 11Clinical Hypnosis with Borderline and Psychotic Patients, Elgan Baker PhD1987 Nov Newsletter 
Oct 21Left Brain Research, Uses in Hypnosis, Dabney Ewin MD1987 Oct Newsletter 
Apr 22Imagery in Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Don Weaver PhD & Ed Goodman PhD1987 Apr Newsletter 
Feb 25Jungian Hypnotherapy, Lynn Price PhD, James Hall MD & Florence Wiedemann PhD1987 Feb Newsletter 
Apr 12-14Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Paul Carter & Stephen GilliganPhD1985 Apr Workshop 
DecInteraction Map, a Model for Interactive Hypnotherapy, Don Weaver PhD  
Oct 16Milton Erickson 1964 Videotape, Jack Nelson DDS  
Aug 11Hypnosis in Surgery, VD Bhatt MD  
Apr 18The Immune System & Imagination, Jane Achterberg PhD & Frank Lawlis PhD  
SepQ & A about Hypnosis, Mrs M. H. Erickson & Roxanna Erickson-Klein  
1980Founded by Ed Goodman PhD and Alan Griffin PhD  


Preapproved Beginner & Intermediate